What's the difference between all the Russian words for 'again'? (Опять, снова, заново, вновь, etc.)

Hi guys! there are several words in Russian with the same meaning:


Is there some difference in their meaning or use? 

Thank you.

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german | 1 point - almost 4 years ago

  1. Опять and снова are interchangeable

  2. Заново doesn't actually just mean again, but all over again, to start again: Он заново учит английский. - He's started learning English again.

  3. Вновь is used to denote action that recurs after a certain period of time, especially if it's already happened more than once before: Британия вновь отвергла предложения по брекситу. - Again, the UK rejected the new Brexit offer.

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penny | 0 points - almost 4 years ago

вновь is probably best expressed with the phrase once again in English.

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dominic | 0 points - almost 4 years ago

I would say 'заново' is more about starting something again from the very beginning. Because root word for 'заново' is 'новый' (new).

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quinton.gutkowski | 0 points - almost 4 years ago

Вновь is mostly used in literature works

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deanna | 0 points - almost 4 years ago

My friend who is a native said he had no idea :| For him they all mean the same thing

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