About Us

RussianDict is a comprehensive English Russian dictionary online built for the modern web.


Russian, despite being a major world language, lacks a comprehensive web based dictionary. Many Russian dictionaries online such as Google Translate will provide the definitions of the word that the user is looking for, but it does not include additional important information such as conjugations, declensions, and etc. RussianDict aims to solve this problem by providing the best Russian dictionary that will help users translate English to Russian so that they'll have an easier time learning the Russian language.


The goal is to become the best English Russian translator app on the web. We are continously improving our database of words and definitions and we want to be the one-stop shop for all learners of the Russian language. We aim to be the best free Russian dictionary on the web.


This website was launched on December, 2018. There are heaps of work to be done in the pipeline and we are continuously making progress every day, adding features, improving our database of words and definitions, and blogging about Eastern Europe and Russia.