What is hard in learning Russian? A question from a native speaker

Hello guys!

I am a native Russian speaker. I learn English and in the process I started wondering, "What is the hardest thing in learning Russian?" I have never thought about my language from that point of view (because I know it since childhood). It would be really interesting to read your thoughts about it.

I wish you luck in learning Russian! Hope you will succeed!

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marleen | 0 points - almost 5 years ago

If I have to be honest, everything in Russian is so difficult. For example:

Род (gender) There are 3 genders for every noun. Masculine, feminine and neuter nouns. Once you use a different gender, you might have to change all the sentence.

Падеж (declension),there are 12 different declensions for every single word. Singular numbers 1st to 6th, plural numbers 1st to 6th.

Склонение (Conjugation), that is hell for foreigners. You can find more than 100 different forms from a single verb. There are special forms for present tense, past tense, future tense.

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ken.huel | 0 points - almost 5 years ago

Russian has a pretty difficult grammar - complex and full of exceptions.

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daniel.douglas | 0 points - almost 5 years ago

The first difficult thing was the alphabet (which later appeared to be the easiest one). Phonetics – hard to pronounce these sounds. Vocabulary is also difficult to learn if you don’t speak any Slavic languages. The hardest is grammar though: cases, verbs aspects, verbs of motion, prefixes…

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