What does it mean ")" for Russians?

I don’t quite understand why people use it and what they mean.

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marcella.hand | 0 points - over 3 years ago

It is a short for ":)". The reason why Russians short it that way is due to the practicalities: Russian keyboard layout has an awkward position for the ":" symbol (at least that’s what I heard).

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ambrose | 0 points - over 3 years ago

It's a smiley face, but without eyes.

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otto | 0 points - over 3 years ago

) - half-smile
)) - pretty much a usual smile, like :)
))) - lol
)))) and more - you don't want to meet that person in real life 

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madeleine | 0 points - over 3 years ago

Also, there are mistyped variants, like this. )))0))0) (Equivalent to LULZ)

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