Russian accents / dialects

I have the following question: can Russian people recognize each other's origin from the accent. I mean, is there anything like "this guy is definitely from the north, he pronounces this and that differently from us". If so, what are the regional differences in the Russian language, and most importantly, which dialect should a student learn?

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marianne | 0 points - over 2 years ago

You might see the difference between a Russian speaking Russian citizen and a Russian speaking Ukrainian citizen – the later may have a Ukrainian accent. But I don’t see a reason for you to learn it

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kasi_kuhn | 0 points - over 2 years ago

From what my Russian friend told me, the difference is mostly in a person’s lifestyle and education. I mean if you graduated from a university, read a lot of books and watched something more than a dumb reality show, you are unlikely to talk like an old man who never left his small village. You’d just use standard Russian language without grammar mistakes and peculiar pronunciation

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agustin | 0 points - over 2 years ago

As mentioned above, the difference is mostly about some specific words but not pronunciation in general

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agustin | 1 point - over 2 years ago

The difference in pronunciation won't affect understanding, but in some regions and even cities people may use peculiar words for certain notions. For example, in Moscow people say бордюр but in St. Petersburg they say поребрик

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