Question about Russian patronymic

Hi guys, how is a Russian patronymic determined if the father has a foreign name with no Russian equivalent?

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dominic | 1 point - about 3 years ago

According to Russian grammar, patronymic from foreign name is formed the same way as the one descending from a Russian name. For example, if the name ends with hard consonant (but not ж, ш, ч, щ, ц), you should add -ovitch for male or -ovna for female: Karlovich/Karlovna. The are lots of rules how to form them, but I guess it’s more or less understandable from the example

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quinton.gutkowski | 0 points - about 3 years ago

Father's name should not have a Russian analogue or equivalent. For patronymic, use the Russian suffix. It makes a patronymic from any foreign name.

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deanna | 0 points - about 3 years ago

You just add vich or ovich to it
So if your father’s name is, for example, John, your patronymic will be Johnovich

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