'Okay' in Russian?

How do you say okay in the Russian Language?

4 Answers

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dominic | 0 points - about 5 years ago

I must admit there are many ways to say okay, including saying the okay itself. Here are some other options:
Хорошо (good)
Согласен (I agree)
Ладно (okay) – there is some uncertainty though
Идёт (deal=agreed)
Верно (correct=that’s right)
Правильно (correct=that’s right)

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quinton.gutkowski | 0 points - about 5 years ago

 It depends on what you mean by that.

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deanna | 0 points - about 5 years ago

I can add this one:
Договорились - deal, agreed

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sommer.kilback | 0 points - about 5 years ago

It’s actually not that easy to answer. Generally it could be translated as хорошо (horosho) but it can change depending on the context

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