Кот и Кошка

I am just a beginner in Russian and I see that these two words are translated as cat. Are these two words interchangeable? If not, when and why would I use one versus the other? Большое спасибо!

3 Answers

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marcella.hand | 2 points - almost 5 years ago

Кот is he, кошка is she.

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ambrose | 0 points - almost 5 years ago

As mentioned above, кот is male and кошка female. Also interesting case is лошадь (default) – конь (male) – кобыла (female). Neutral plural is either лошади or кони but not кобылы.

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elvira | 0 points - almost 5 years ago

Tomcat - кот (male cat), pussycat - кошка (female cat).

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