Какой or Который?

Hi everyone. I’m learning Russian and I’ve got confused with those two question words: какой and который. Both are translated to which in English. Hope you can explain this to me. Thank you in advance. Спасибо.

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german | 0 points - about 5 years ago

  1. Который is used when meaning which, that, who--when there is a specific set of objects, and you want to choose one. It is also used as a connective word between clauses or connecting a subordinate sentence. Example: Вот книга, которую я вчера купил. - Here is the book that I bought yesterday. 

  2.  Какой is used when meaning what, which, what sort of, how--when asking about a quality, what specific color you like or something like that. Actually, какой in many cases can be used instead of который, but который always means that there is a set of possible options, while answering on какой you may talk about imaginary things or about options that are currently not present. Example: Какой твой любимый фильм? – What is your favorite movie?

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penny | 0 points - about 5 years ago

Который – which from many or which in order

Какой – what, which, how – when asking about a quality or property of something

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deidre.bruen | 0 points - about 5 years ago

Всем спасибо, I get it now

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