Use of ь and ъ

Can I text/write in Russian without using ь and ъ?

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dominic | 0 points - over 3 years ago

Seems illogical to me, Russians probably will understand what you write (in most cases, but not all: мол and моль are completely different words). If you write without just these two letters, it probably will look strange to Russians, besides I can’t figure out a reason to do so.

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quinton.gutkowski | 0 points - over 3 years ago

If you mean that you are struggling with the new keyboard layout, you can transliterate your words like that: Zdravstvujte, druz’ja. Most Russians can understand that but reading it is uncomfortable and annoying

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deanna | 0 points - over 3 years ago

I don’t recommend you doing so.

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sommer.kilback | 0 points - over 3 years ago

Omitting Ь or Ъ can lead to misunderstanding, e.g.:
угол “corner” - уголь “coal”
брат “brother”- брать “to take”

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