How to pronounce Ы

I am struggling with the sound and it drives me crazy. How did you learn to pronounce Ы? Thanks in advance!

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marcella.hand | 3 points - almost 4 years ago

I found this tip on some website and it helped me personally: Russian's ы lies somewhere between the [i] sound in the English word "hockey" and the [u] sound from "boom". If you watch your lip position and practice going back and forth between these two sounds you should be able to find the ы sound.

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katherine | 0 points - almost 4 years ago

It’s hard to pronounce “Ы” for English speakers (I know that feel)

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ambrose | 0 points - almost 4 years ago

Is it like "y" sound in Swedish? I heard that Scandinavian languages are similar in some way but I’m not sure.

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otto | 0 points - almost 4 years ago

Ы is the sound you make when you got stabbed in the stomach :D

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