Different ways to say YOU (ты, вы, ВЫ)

I just started learning Russian. What is the difference between ty, vy and Vy? They are all translated as you to English.

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marcella.hand | 2 points - almost 4 years ago

There is a difference. Ты – singular you, вы – either plural you or a polite form of singular ты, Вы is a very polite singular form of you (used rarely).

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ambrose | 0 points - almost 4 years ago

It’s similar to German actually: ты – du, вы – sie, Вы – Sie.

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elvira | 0 points - almost 4 years ago

Ты is for friends, family, etc (one person), вы is either a polite form when talking to a stranger (in a shop, café, etc) or a plural in general, when you address many people

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