Simple Russian books for children

I’m looking for Russian children’s books to read and work from. The kind that you would give to a 5-year-old. 

Thanks for any ideas!

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leandro_hahn | 0 points - about 5 years ago

In my experience, children's books are a bad idea to start learning Russian if you're an adult. They tend to use a very particular kind of language that is not used in every day conversation. Better take a book for adults, maybe some adaptation  

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samual.jacobson | 0 points - about 5 years ago

I read Winnie the pooh in Russian and really enjoyed it.

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german | 0 points - about 5 years ago

Григорий Остер - Вредные советы, Котёнок по имени Гав

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penny | 0 points - about 5 years ago

I tried to use children's stories and fables (Колобок, Курочка Ряба, etc.) to learn but I quickly found out that nobody talks like that irl.

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