Rude in Russia

Hi everyone! What is considered rude behavior in Russia but is pretty OK in other countries?

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dominic | 0 points - about 5 years ago

I can think of some examples:

  • Not offering your seat to the elderly, pregnant women or young children.

  • Making prolonged eye contact with strangers or watching people intently

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quinton.gutkowski | 0 points - about 5 years ago

Also, burping and chewing loudly, speaking with one’s mouth full is not acceptable. 

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deanna | 0 points - about 5 years ago

Another thing is a complication for non-native speakers with using “ты” and “Вы” when address to someone. It is rude to address to unknown person as “ты”, also it is rude and impolite when address to an older person, to a boss, to anyone with whom you both are not in close and friendly relations

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sommer.kilback | 0 points - about 5 years ago

Walking on the left side of the street or isle or standing on the left side of an escalator and blocking others from walking past you.

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